People buying "chocolates" really need to pay attention to the NOSE color. There are a few questionable breeders out there advertising "blues" as dilutes/lilacs and others are advertising dilutes as lilacs just so they can charge more. Below are examples, side by side, of a LILAC, a DILUTE & a CHOCOLATE. There IS a difference between all of these colors. A dilute when young is soft steel gray/silver looking and will turn darker as it ages as shown with Warlock. Lilacs when young are a soft LILAC color and will stay LILAC colored as they age as shown below with Karma. And then of course there is the true chocolate!


Lol, even the cosmetic world recognizes how GREAT Chocolate Danes are!


Chocolate GREAT Danes have been around since the 1600's! Visit my web site to read about this unique color of Dane. Link that explains about them found in menu bar under THE FACTS, 1st Chocolates.





"THANK YOU"  Kody & April for your
adoption of BUSHWACKER 4-19-18!!


AKC:  FM chocolate fawn
dob: 1-12-17

Photo coming this weekend.


"THANK YOU"  April & Kody for your
adoption of ALPHA aka ROMEO 4-13-18!!
  Great DaNoodles
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Below are a few of the reviews on KMC's GREAT Danes.


There is a gap between 2015 and 2016 because my husband had several strokes
and is now paralyzed.  During his 6 months away from home I was busy driving 2 hrs
one way to hospital and rehab to visit him as well as having to take care of, by
myself, our 86 acre ranch and my dogs.






When shipping by airlines our puppies are in nice sized kennels with food and water.
I'll never forget when I bought a Dane puppy from someone it came in a kennel so small
I had to take it apart to get her out!! Needless to say I never bought from that breeder again.
That is also why I won't use Delta, they should have refused to accept the shipment!







My Danes come in your favorite flavor too!
KMC, the breeder Chocolate Lover's come to!


Kiss My Cocoa
Breeder reserves the right to 1st pick of any puppies produced here at KMC.
Breeder/Seller reserves the right to withdraw any Dane for Sale at any time w/o disclosing reason.
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