KMC, purveyor of homemade QUALITY chocolate aka liver/brown, chocolate harlequins, chocolate merles, chocolate mantles, dilute aka lilac chocolates and other chocolate delicacies (recessives) Danes to not only Texas but the entire U.S.A.!! 

I view each of my puppies as a work of art that just happens to be able to give a lifetime of love to it's owner(s).  As deliciously loveable as they are beautiful, my homemade QUALITY chocolates are sure to impress even the most sophisticated person.  As for the none believers, "one must let go of the past to create a GREAT future!"

I, as a CHOCOLATE Dane breeder, am not trying to make the breed something it wasn't meant to be.  If you read all the facts on my First Chocolates' page you will see that CHOCOLATE Danes have been around since the 1600's.  When I began in 2006 I bought whatever chocolates I could find because they were not not common.  However, it didn't take me long to become more selective in the Danes I purchased for my breeding program because I wanted my bloodline to improve the quality, temperament and conformation of the CHOCOLATE Danes of the past with each breeding I do as well as those that will carry on my work for generations to come.  I want KISS MY COCOA Chocolate GREAT Danes to be bred with HONOR, DEDICATION AND TRUTH in the pedigrees.  I don't want my reputation turned into something it wasn't meant to be; I want the quality of KMC Chocolate Danes to always be the way I meant for them to be: EXCEPTIONAL!

People buying "chocolates" really need to pay attention to the NOSE color. There are a few questionable breeders out there advertising "blues" as dilutes/lilacs and others are advertising dilutes as lilacs. Below are examples, side by side, of a LILAC, a DILUTE & a CHOCOLATE. There IS a difference between all of these colors. A dilute when young is soft steel gray/silver looking and will turn darker as it ages as shown with Warlock. Lilacs when young are a soft LILAC color and will stay LILAC colored as they age as shown below with Karma. Dilutes look silvery/gray but turn more of a brown/copper tone as they age and then of course there is the true chocolate that is chocolate when young and still chocolate as they age!


Lol, even the cosmetic world recognizes how GREAT Chocolate Danes are!




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AKC registration

CH Pedigree
Echo is a direct import from OF ISLANDS DREAM KENNEL IN HUNGARY.
Sire and Dam of

following pups

whelped 6-30-16

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"Kiss This Cocoa

CH Pedigree
Coco is 3rd generation KMC on maternal side and has 4 generations of chocolates on maternal side.






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Due to my spouses' current condition of being permanently paralyzed after two strokes in July I will be drastically downsizing, not something I want to do but must to pay the enormous medical bills that are coming in.  Some will be sold on co-own only. However, I will sell down in a certain order as these will include those I specifically bred "for" to add certain characteristics to my breeding program or they were "my pics of litters for stud service." However, I will NOT sell to anyone that runs what I consider a puppymill, breeding their female Danes into the ground and not giving them any breaks between litters their entire lives. ~~ So, if you've had your eye on some of my chocolates, then you may want to try to help me find homes for those currently listed; as they sell I will add new ones which include FEMALES: recessive chocolate harlequins, chocolate, chocolate harlequins, chocolate mantle, dilute chocolate; MALES: dilute chocolate, chocolate harlequins, recessive chocolate harlequins.   Thank you. ~~~ Available at this time:


  CYCLONE  $800 PET or $1,000 FULL
No guarantee he is fertile.

Contact for
specific details
of why no breeding
guarantees if that's
your interest is on

KALLIE  is part Euro,
Sire is 100% and Dam is 25%

THUNDER (5-5-15) is on left and his sire is on right.  He is what I'd call a lilac and his sire a dilute.  You can see he is already same height as his sire with more growing to do!  SERIOUS inquires only please.

POLLY (9-22-15):  Chocolate mis-marked mantle, some call her a cryptic merle. 

LUCIFER (3-9-16)   50+ % Euro
Sire (Dilute Choc) German, Polish, Am.
Dame: 100% Euro Harl
Disclosure: born w/bob tail
SPARKLES (3-9-16)   50+ % Euro
Sire (Dilute Choc) German, Polish, Am.
Dame: 100% Euro Harl

View Maternity page for 2016 Planned Breedings.
At KMC there are no "accidental" breedings
because I'm not that irresponsible.




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When shipping by airlines our puppies are in nice sized kennels with food and water.
I'll never forget when I bought a Dane puppy from someone it came in a kennel so small
I had to take it apart to get her out!! Needless to say I never bought from that breeder again.
That is also why I won't use Delta, they should have refused to accept the shipment!

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An update from a customer that has adopted from KMC in 2014 and 2016:








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