KMC, purveyor of homemade chocolate aka liver/brown, chocolate harlequins, chocolate merles, chocolate mantles, dilute aka lilac chocolates and other chocolate delicacies (recessives) Danes to not only Texas but the entire U.S.A.!! 

I view each of my puppies as a work of art that just happens to be able to give a lifetime of love to it's owner(s).  As deliciously loveable as they are beautiful, my homemade chocolates are sure to impress even the most sophisticated person.  As for the none believers, "one must let go of the past to create a GREAT future!"


Lol, even the cosmetic world recognizes how GREAT Chocolate Danes are!


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Decadent Danes
has this litter of  puppies for sale.
Please do NOT use the KMC paypal deposit button above
if you want one of the puppies below.  You MUST contact the seller for HER info.
If interested in one let me know so I can give her your contact information.
Please note:  KMC is neither liable nor responsible in regards to the information
supplied by
Decadent Danes, nor the condition, sale and/or health guarantee of these puppies.


Recessive Chocolate Litter







Below are a few of the reviews from KMC's June 2014 litter.




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When shipping by airlines our puppies are in nice sized kennels with food and water.
I'll never forget when I bought a Dane puppy from someone it came in a kennel so small
I had to take it apart to get her out!! Needless to say I never bought from that breeder again.
That is also why I won't use Delta, they should have refused to accept the shipment!


Disclaimer: Each company below is individually owned and operated; therefore, the services they provide will vary from transporter to transporter. As privately owned companies, each sets their own policies, procedures and fee schedules. The level of pet shipping experience varies from transporter to transporter and each is individually responsible for the services they provide. Kiss My Cocoa/Kay Roush is neither liable nor responsible for the performance or accuracy of information supplied by the following transporters. Kiss My Cocoa/Kay Roush no longer provides ground shipping and a 3rd party must be consulted/hired.  I am simply providing pet transportation listings for a Buyer's convenience regarding a pet's transport and/or relocation needs.  Any links on this web site are provided for general information purposes only.  We are not responsible for the opinions or content presented by linked web sites.






USDA # 72-T-0004


There is a transporter named Terry in IN that one of my customers had a BAD experience with.
My customer had a pickup scheduled with him for weeks to be picked up from KMC and delivered to MT.
She spoke to him approx 3 days before the pickup date and he confirmed he was still doing it.
He never showed up nor called to say he was not coming!!!!!  He also did not answer her calls
or texts afterwards when she tried to find out why he was a No Show!!





Portion of all sales donated to the following:




I just added GKTWV in 2014
to my list of causes to donate to!


National Breast Cancer Support
If you would like to make a

Donation to Wounded Warriors in

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If you wish to donate in Memory

of a Loved One click button below:

Wounded Warriors



My Danes come in your favorite flavor too!
KMC, the breeder Chocolate Lover's come to!


Kiss My Cocoa
Breeder reserves the right to 1st pick of any puppies produced here at KMC.
Breeder/Seller reserves the right to withdraw any Dane for Sale at any time w/o disclosing reason.
If a deposit has been made it will be refunded in full.